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Shiny Pokémon.  In the decade or so I’ve been playing the Pokémon games, I have not once caught a shiny in the wild.  Yeah, I picked up the shiny Legendary Dogs and I caught the red Gyarados at Lake of Rage, but that’s just not the same.  It doesn’t give me the same thrill as catching or hatching a shiny.

(I feel the need to note here that there are some Pokémon that will never be encountered as a shiny at this point in time.  In Generation V, these Pokémon are Arceus, Victini, Reshiram, and Zekrom.  If you are battling someone who has a shiny version of these three Legendaries, your opponent has hacked Pokémon and you are fully within your right to end the match.)

Catching a shiny Pokémon through legitimate means is no easy feat.  There is only a 1 in 8,192 chance of encountering a shiny Pokémon.  But this doesn’t mean that if you go out and run into 8,192 Blitzle that one of them will be shiny.  The ratio resets every time.  So each and every Pokémon you run into carries a 1 in 8,192 chance of being shiny.  The odds certainly aren’t in your favor, and they haven’t been in mine for the last decade.

This ratio can be decreased to 1 in 1,366 by using the Masuda method (the “international marriage” method).  The Masuda method is fairly simply, honestly, and increases your chance of hatching a shiny Pokémon by six times.  What must be done is breeding a Pokémon from your game with a Pokémon received in an international trade.  There’s some weird game coding math involved, and if you’re interested, Bulbapedia has a good article on the Masuda Method, but what it boils down to is that a Pokémon from your game breeding with a Pokémon received in an international trade drastically reduces the ratio of obtaining a shiny Pokémon.  International trades can be made over the Geonet.

Sam and I were discussing some of the most awesome shinies out there, and perhaps the most truly epic shiny is Charizard.  Charizard is completely black as a shiny Pokémon.  It’s the kind of Pokémon that instills fear in his foes.  And what would be the most awesome of all awesome Shiny Charizard?

Shiny. Solar Power. Charizard.

But the odds of getting a shiny Charizard with his DreamWorld ability are very slim, even with the Masuda Method as there is no guarantee that  a Pokémon will have the DW Ability even when breeding with a DW female.  So there is a chance that if you do manage to hatch a Shiny, it will instead have Charizard’s normal ability.  Which is far less epic.

This discussion with Sam wound to an inevitable conclusion.

Me, 90-years-old, in a retirement home.

“One more egg… Just one more… I know this is the one…”

“Mrs. Erickson?  We need to take the DS from you, now.”


“Mrs. Erickson. The DS is dead. We need to take you back to your room and let it charge.”

“Just one more egg… I know this is the one… Solar Power Charizard…”


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For those prospective breeders out there who also want to dabble in training Legendaries for competitive battle, a word to the wise about them: you’re only guarenteed to get halfway-decent ones from those that are stationary. Stationary Legendaries (Mewtwo, Lugia, Virizion, etc) are easy to soft-reset catch to roll for random IVs because all you have to do is save in front of it, talk to it, catch it, check the IVs, and soft reset reroll if you don’t like what you’ve gotten, and repeat. Using that method, you’re pretty well guarenteed to catch a usable Legendary Pokemon. Roaming Legendaries are different. Those that do roam (their location changes in every instance you enter, such as Mesprit, Latios/Latias, Entei and Raikou) have their IVs and nature fixed from the moment of “encounter”, that is, when they start to roam. No matter where you are, where you’ve saved, or how many times you soft reset and try again, their nature and IVs will not change from point of encounter forward.

That being said, it’s very likely that you will encounter the need to fill your Dex pages and need them, or you’ll want to use them for competitive battle. Well, despair not. In terms of Latios and Latias, they can both be found and caught by stationary encounter in HeartGold and SoulSilver versions, respectively. That’s about the end of the good news. As for Entei and Raikou, the two begin to roam very early in HeartGold and SoulSilver, and you’ll likely not be in any sort of position to catch or even battle evenly with the two Legendaries. The only way to get reliably randomized IV Entei and Raikou is through the event promotion released shortly before the sale of Black and White. Same with Mesprit. Mesprit, however, is somewhat more manageable, seeing as it only starts to roam once you meet it in its cave after the events corresponding with Dialga (Diamond), Palkia (Pearl), or the Distortion World (Platinum). If you save right before speaking to it, you could in theory have the opportunity to let it roam, find it, catch it, check its IVs, and if it is dissatisfactory, restart from before you spoke to it. However, like the rather impractical capture of Entei and Raikou, from a competitive sense, catching a usable Mesprit is equally draining in terms of time and patience invested. It’s almost better to let the three become placeholders in your Pokedex rather than become actual competitive Pokemon.

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So, after a long weekend of breeding Torchic, I decided that I’d work on another project left incomplete since HG/SS: obtaining a complete set of breeding Ditto. As you’re likely aware, Ditto have the ability to breed with just about any Pokemon in the game, except themselves and Undiscovered egg group Pokemon, but, because they can, they have the ability to breed their natures into Pokemon, making the breeding process much easier. I had just about all of the 20 “significant” Ditto from Gen 4, was just missing Gentle, Lax, Naive, Naughty, and Sassy. None of those natures are really as popular as Timid, Jolly, Adamant or Modest, for example, but it’s nice to be able to have some flexability to get the nature that fits the Pokemon you want. In case you’re wondering, Ditto have a 15% encounter rate in the Giant Chasm Crater. Just bring something other than a Volcarona when you try to catch them: the Volcarona I worked with and the wild Ditto ultimately copied turned into a rather painful and drawn-out process of capturing them. I managed to get 4 out of 5, just missing Naughty now. Anyway, just remember that in 5th Gen, Ditto have a 15% wild encounter rate in the Giant Chasm Crater, and that catching one of each of the 20 significant natures will help the breeding process immensely.

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Please note: As far as we are aware, the discovery of this exploit is credited to Samuel Reinke, and as much as we know that one would love to get the word out by posting it on their sites, we would appreciate it if The Pokedex Project and Samuel Reinke would be cited if you reproduce this information elsewhere. If we find this information reposted and uncredited, we will ask that you amend the post to fully credit The Pokedex Project and Samuel Reinke as the original source and discoverer, respectively. Share the wealth, but give credit where credit is due! Thank you.

One of the greatest tools that the 5th Generation of Pokemon games has given the players is the Entralink and subsequent Pass Powers. There are a number of Pass Powers you can obtain, which are split into two groups: those you obtain by developing your Entree by building your Black and White levels, and those that are given by the Entree missions you complete for others, or others complete for you. The personal Entree Powers can be obtained by leveling up your Entree (by doing missions in other copies of Black and White) and selecting them from your Entree once you have obtained the necessary Black or White level to unlock them. The other type of “given” Pass Powers are, well, given to you by other players completing missions for you.

While your personal Entree Powers can be useful, such as the Prize Money and Befriending powers, they only last for 3 minutes or so, and hardly make them economical in terms of the amount of Pass Orbs spent utilizing them. The other type of power, the “given” type, last MUCH longer, up to an hour at the longest, and provide the maximum benefit, without a single Pass Orb spent on your part. However, to obtain such powers depends on two things: another player to give you said power, and random chance that your Entree will give said other player the option to give you the power you want, which makes it hardly reliable.

However, there IS a way to reliably exploit the Entralink, provided you have the resources, so that you can obtain the hour-long Pass Powers you want, as often as you need them.

The first thing you have to know is that you need hardware. You need steady access to at least two Nintendo DS systems, and at least two copies of Black/White. This reason alone is why I am guessing that this exploit hasn’t been widely broadcasted over the internet as of yet. Once you have both DS’ and both copies of the game, you need to have gotten to Nimbasa City in the version you wish to get the renewable hour-long Pass Powers in, and at least have obtained the C-Gear in the other version. As far as I am aware, you also have to have a fully-maxed Entree in the version you wish to use the Entralink Exploit on, so that you may get the Pass Power Maxes (Max is the suffix used to denote a Pass Power lasts one hour). Having a copy of White and one of Black to help speed that process up works wonders.

Now, once you have both copies of the game, you have determined which version you wish to exploit the Pass Powers on, and you have gotten them far enough along that you can enter the Entralink of the version to exploit with, you begin doing the Entree missions. For me, I used Black as the version to exploit with, and White to do the missions on Black. I would use my version of White, connect to my copy of Black, and walk to Black’s Entree and select a mission, complete it, and repeat the process until I had completed five of the six missions. I then saved the game on Black after the completion of the 5th mission. This is VERY important to do. If you’ve been guessing it, you’re right: the top two pips of the Entree Hexagon are the pips to select the “given” Pass Power Max missions, and they are randomly generated pending the completion of a “mission cycle”. The reason you save the game after the completion of the 5th mission is to enable yourself to soft-reset the soon-to-be-exploiter version.

Now then, once I saved Black after the successful completion of the 5th mission, I went back in with White, walked to the Black Entree, completed the final mission, and was put back in White’s Entralink, just like always. I then re-entered Black’s Entralink with White, checked the Black Entree, and found that the new “mission cycle” was up, and that the top two powers were “Exp Point Power Max” and “Befriending Power Max”, which were both different from the last mission cycle, and not unexpected. Well, those were the two powers I did not want, so I soft-resetted Black, re-did the 6th mission on it, and re-entered the Black Entralink with White to once again examine the Black Entree. This time, the two Pass Power Maxes were Befriending Max and Prize Money Max, again, not what I needed. So, I soft-resetted again and the cycle continued.

I kept this up until I obtained the Holy Grail of Pass Power Maxes on Black, Hatching Power Max and Exp Point Power Max. These Powers allowed me to give my Black version the power of increased egg hatching rates and increased experience point gains from battle for one hour each, an absolute blessing for the Pokemon Breeder in us all. Afterwards, I saved the Black game and restarted it, and re-checked with White to see what I suspected: I had kept those options for missions to complete in Black. Therefore, by using the White game as the initiator and redoing the missions to give Hatching and Exp Point Max, I could give my copy of Black an infinite amount of Hatching Power Max and Exp Point Power Max, at any time I so desired, VASTLY reducing the amount of time and Pass Orbs spent hatching eggs and raising newly-trained Pokemon.

Keep in mind, though, that the method to getting these ideal Pass Powers was by random chance; it took me six straight hours of play to get the two “perfect” powers. You also have to remember that to utilize them to the fullest, a second DS and a second copy of the game is necessary in order to both give yourself the power and to give it to yourself on a basis that is convenient to you. While it is a time-consuming process, the amount of time you save in hatching eggs and leveling your Pokemon MORE than makes up for it, and greatly reduces the stress of breeding.

Some last notes that should be mentioned: as you know, there is a time limit on the missions, despite the fact that they are re-takeable. If you fail a mission to give yourself a Pass Power, the mission WILL change, and you will be randomly given another Pass Power mission. If that is the case, DO NOT PANIC. You can simply soft-reset and the game will treat the change as if it never happened. Also, once you have your ideal Pass Powers, do NOT allow others to complete your mission cycle on your cart. Even though you can perpetually give yourself those Pass Power missions, if you complete the hexagon set, all the missions will again randomly generate. Just be careful, and if you have the time, money and resources, you can give yourself the greatest breeding tool of all time.

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